Psychologists recommend changing the environment around you more often. This helps to switch and not get hung up on the same processes. A modern person can change the working environment around him by simply installing new wallpapers on a computer monitor or mobile gadget. By periodically changing the image of such a background, you can not only create a different mood, but also increase your ability to work, expressing your feelings, emotions and innermost desires. You can get animal site face

Using specialized Internet resources, you can find a lot of pictures, drawings, photographs or ornaments that are offered for decorating your desktop on a PC. Experts recommend choosing images for the splash screen with a small number of small elements. Such a background should not hide or mask the icons and working tools on the monitor. Folders should be clearly visible on it, without stress and effort.

When installing a screensaver on a monitor, you need to select the level of contrast and brightness in such a way that they do not create unnecessary strain for the eyes. It is necessary to take into account the degree of illumination of the room. If the room is dark — do not choose too bright wallpaper for your desktop, which will cause eye fatigue from the constant transition from dark to light. In lighted halls, it is better to focus on drawings with calm, shaded tones that will help create comfortable conditions for vision.

Desktop wallpaper quality
When setting wallpaper on a monitor, you need to take into account the format of the image itself and its resolution. If the monitor has a higher resolution, then the whole picture and part of the background image will be visible on it. Incorrectly selected resolution of photos or pictures for screensavers can cause distortion (compression or stretching) of the picture, which completely ruins the desired effect. If you want to download wallpapers on your desktop, you need to choose pictures with a resolution suitable for monitors. Special tools of sites that offer splash screens allow you to automatically determine the screen resolution, prompting the user for the desired option.

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